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The Fees

Our initial fee is $100.00, which includes a detailed case history to help identify the cause of your problems. A thorough examination will include a physical, orthopedic, neurological, Posture Pro Analysis, and chiropractic examination to determine how you can best be helped. This will determine if your problem is indeed a chiropractic case. X-ray images may be taken if deemed necessary.

Subsequent visits are:

$35.00 for adults

$30.00 for seniors (65 years and older)

$15 for university / college students / children (birth to 17 years old) whose parent(s) are not current chiropractic patients at the clinic

$5 for children (birth to 17 years old) whose parent(s)s are current chiropractic patients at the clinic.

Pre-Pay Chiropractic Option

We now have an option where a patient (adult or senior) who pays for 10 visits in advance will receive a 10% administrative discount.


Normal 10 visits @ $35.00 per visit = $350.00

Pre-pay 10 visits = $315.00 ($31.50 per visit)


Normal 10 visits @ $30.00 per visit = $300.00

Pre-pay 10 visits = $270.00 ($27.00 per visit)

Workers Compensation Board and most private health insurance plans also cover chiropractic care.

Since chiropractic care does not involve drugs or surgery of any kind, it can be more cost-efficient than traditional medical care.

Laser Therapy

6 treatments for $180
10 treatments for $275

Massage Fees

30 minutes $55
45 minutes $70
60 minutes $85
75 minutes $100
90 minutes $115
Hot stone massage
90 minutes


Insurance Information

Reimbursement for care has a number of sources each with specific rules. The primary payers include:

  1. Your car insurance policy (called "Section B").
  2. The liable (other) car insurance company.
  3. Other insurance coverage you may have (e.g. at work or your spouses work policy)

More details regarding who pays for treatment…

1) If you have suffered an injury secondary to an automobile accident, you are initially covered by your car insurance policy. This coverage is for 90 days from the date of the accident for the specific number of treatments (including chiropractic and massage) set forth in the Alberta MVA guidelines for the injuries that were sustained.

2) When this initial phase is finished, either after 90 days post-MVA or total treatments have been completed, and if it is deemed more treatment is required, your car insurance policy has a section called “Section B”. This policy covers $750.00 in chiropractic services and $250.00 for massage therapy, provided you do not have private insurance. To open a Section B claim, you have to call the insurance adjuster handling your case and let them know you have continued chiropractic care at our office. You then continue care, pay for the treatment, and prove payment for the treatment received via a receipt to the insurance company, a reimbursement for up to $750.00 for treatments will be made directly to you. Personal insurance coverage needs to be used up before Section B insurance coverage can be used.

If you have any question or need help with the forms, contact our office and we will be more than glad to help you.

3) The liable (at fault) car insurance company (the other driver’s insurance) is responsible for the moneys paid or bills outstanding for any treatment you chose and receive that is above the Section B coverage limit or, is not covered by Section B. In the majority of cases, you will be reimbursed when you have fully recovered and you lawyer settles you claim with the insurance company.

4) Private Insurance includes Blue Cross, your company’s health insurance plan, etc. Review your policy for details. Many times chiropractic care or massage therapy is covered, with some limitations. Know that this personal insurance coverage needs to be used up before Section B insurance coverage can be used.


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