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Mid Back Pain

Intercostal Pain occurs when the nerve that runs along one of the ribs in the thoracic cage becomes slightly inflamed; this is also known as intercostal neuralgia. The pain appears abruptly, and can worsen considerably with a movement of the vertebral column, incorrect posture, a respiratory movement, coughing, or even the simple act of talking.

Analgesic medication may lessen neuralgic pain, but it will not correct the problem. Intercostal pain is generally due to neuro-musculoskeletal problems which cannot be treated with medication.

Signals to watch for: (3 or more, see a chiropractor)

  • A tender spot in your chest that goes on and off.
  • Struggling for breath while breathing normally.
  • Chest pains from taking a deep breath.
  • Chest pain from sneezing or coughing.
  • Sensitivity in the ribcage.
  • Ever had a back pain that crossed to the front, around your chest?
  • Is it painful to press the pit of your stomach (below the sternum)?
  • Restricted range of motion when turning your torso.
  • Pain along one of your ribs, along with a skin rash.
  • FOR WOMEN: discomfort in the area where you do up your bra.


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