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Work Injuries

Eighty-five percent of the population will experience disabling lower back pain at least once during their lives! Millions of people are suffering from all types of job injuries ranging from the stress of working in a bad position to improper lifting or carrying to falls and other trauma.

In Alberta WCB legislation allows injured workers to directly access both chiropractic and medical doctors following an injury at work. Both a chiropractor and a medical doctor may submit assessment information to the WCB for the purpose of review and determination of entitlement of your claim. Chiropractic has been demonstrated to be one of the most clinically and cost effective methods of treating many work-related injuries. As well, almost a decade of statistics confirm that satisfaction rates of injured workers are rated highest for chiropractic treatment. For information on how to access WCB coverage or to find a WCB contracted chiropractor, visit the WCB website at

The standard medical approach to back pain varies depending on the severity of the condition. Usually muscle relaxers, pain killers and rest are prescribed, sometimes in conjunction with traction, diathermy, ultrasound, hot packs, cold packs, and other procedures.

Surgery may be resorted to if all else fails. The medical approach is at times necessary. Surgery, however, has its attendant problems. According to some studies, more than half of all spinal surgery for lower back problems should never have been performed.

Chiropractic has been a blessing to millions with back problems, often saving them from pain, disability, drugs and surgery. And yet chiropractic is not a treatment for back problems. The chiropractor's job is to make the spine healthier by correcting and relieving spinal nerve damage. This may make the difference between health and disability, comfort and pain.


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